I have a suggestion for administration.
I think that, at the start of next month, you should limit high stakes because now so many tipsters use only 10/10.
The previews loses credibility if almost every stake is 10/10.

p.s. for example: 10/10 can be used maximum for 4 times monthly, 9/10 6 times, and so on

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BlueBoy986 All I normally talk is, who is your fault that you can not hit and someone hit the quota 4-5 with the bet 10/10 .. and I’m already at -60 so I’m not joking :)
Fjodor You are full of arguments Boy986.
After all, it would be much better for you to use 2/10 :)
p.s. Sir, you are so smart and decent, it’s a pleasure to talk to a gentleman like you.
BlueBoy986 Come on Fjodor do not bark.
What is the purpose of putting 2/10 or the like?
Do you ever spend 1/10 in real life?
I read every nonsense, but this is too stupid.
Dmitrij Prokofjic But if I am flat betting than 1/10 = 10/10 all of my stakes are the same.. And ofcourse in a competition that I will go 10/10 and not 1/10 because it doesn’t make any sense to do so..
Fjodor I understand meaning of flat betting but you obviously don’t understand what stake 10/10 means.
Dmitrij Prokofjic I do , al my singles have the same stake
Fjodor Yeah for sure.
And in real life you are constantly betting with the maximum stake (10/10)?
Dmitrij Prokofjic That is not good if you ask me. I always use flat betting as I believe a lot of us do. So you would make me put a 7/10 every time and I wouldn’t even touch 10/10 it is stupid.
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