September contest winners:

1st place: Jungleman - Wwin prize: 100 EUR
2nd place: markov3 - Wwin prize: 70 EUR
3rd place: Dybala - Wwin prize: 60 EUR
4th place: dajkula- Wwin prize: 50 EUR
5th place: quaresma86 - Wwin prize: 40 EUR
6th place: Collateral - Wwin prize: 30 EUR
7th place: NikolaSRB93 - Wwin prize: 20 EUR
8th place: Jasko Fijasko - Wwin prize: 10 EUR
9th place: Torgils127 - Wwin prize: 10 EUR
10th place: Bukovik813 - Wwin prize: 10 EUR

Congratulations to all winners!

Please note that all winners need to have real money account at and deposit in last three months in order to be able receive bonus.

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Admin Bonuses credited to Wwin accounts. Enjoy TipsterIn!
Dybala Admin can you respond?
Dybala Sorry I was late because I didn’t see your post yesterday, is it ok now?
Dybala I have updated my WWIN username.
Bukovik813 Username: Bukovik813
Admin Tipsters Dybala and Bukovik813 please update your user profiles with usernames in order to be able receive prize. Deadline is until tomorrow when we send winner names.
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Our board decide that from this month tipsters with bad and no sense analysis, tipsters who use google translate will be suspended. Administrators will check every analysis and suspend tipsters without prior warning.

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strcko Good joob ;)
Jasko Fijasko it’s fair. Too much short analysey with two or three sentances, and a lot of analyses don’t have any sense.