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All picks (W-D-L): 75-8-49, Active: 0
Average stake: 9.93 Units
Profit: 106.5 Units
Percentage: 60.48%
ROI: 108.65%
Average odds: 1.85
Month Picks Stakes Profit ROI
08.2018. 9-1-14 240 -67.7 70.57% Show all
07.2018. 27-1-15 430 47.6 111.33% Show all
06.2018. 37-5-20 611 110.3 119.66% Show all
05.2018. 2-1-0 30 16.3 100% Show all

I consider myself as an independent thinker who very often bet against the consensus and is right. Maybe that is why my picks are unpopular and invoked which doesn’t touch me either because according to statistic’s that large percentage of bettors overall in long term lose money.
I develop my personal way, sometimes against a public, out of fear of being wrong and figured out an approach to decision making that would maximize my odds of being right.

Always try to see the big picture. I don’t want to let little things divide me when rest of arguments bind about positivity about the forecast.

Often open to hear suggestions, yet everyone has opinions and they are often bad. Opinions are easy to produce, especially in anonymous internet, where most of us feel free and can do what to want or say without any consequences. Everyone has plenty of them and most people are eager to share them - even to fight for them. Unfortunately many are worthless or even harmful, including a lot of your own.

Please forgive me language gaps, sometimes my principles can’t be exact explain by myself because of non native English level but also difficult to describe and put it in inaccurate words.

Principles are fundamental truths that serve as the foundations for my success and positive in plus rate, that gets me what I want out from gambling. They can be applied again and again. in similar situations to help in achieving your or my goals.

Neither I don’t expect you to follow me blindly, on contrary, I want you to question every word and pick and choose among with your opinion. As more argues them more we know.
In the every end it is up to you to decide how valuable their are, telly are and what, if anything, you decide to do with them. I don’t play for prime, virtual profit or award from competition, every single picks are based on my confidence and will to share with everybody who wants to gain some profit.

JohnnyBet is main the logneset blog/log of public picks. from which I am the most proud of.

Every single pick is feed by JB, additionally other released previews you can also find at:

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