Tipster Contest Rules

1) Tipsters are able to participate on the site after submitting their
application and approval by e-mail;
2) The entry to the tipster competition is free;
3) Tipsters must have at least 10 picks in calendar month to be eligible to win any prize;
4) You can write only 1 pick for the same game;
5) You are not allowed to make a pick with under @1.30 odds (1.30 is acceptable) and
over @5.00 odds(5.00 is acceptable);
6) Pick posting time is minimum 30 minutes before the start of the game.
7) Previews must be written with understanding English language. Short previews
without any useful info will be deleted. Picks comments, tipsters posts also must be
written with English language;
8) You can post only three picks per day;
9) Tipsters with minimum of 50% won picks are eligible to receive a prize.
10) The winners of every month will be tipsters with the highest monthly profit. If two
of them will have the same profit, we will consider ROI.
11) The best 10 tipsters will be awarded by our sponsor every month.
1st place: 100 EUR
2nd place: 70 EUR
3rd place: 60 EUR
4th place: 50 EUR
5th place: 40 EUR
6th place: 30 EUR
7th place: 20 EUR
8th place: 10 EUR
9th place: 10 EUR
10th place: 10 EUR

We are also able to award the best tispter previews, tipster with consecutive runs;

12) You can select odds from listed bookmakers only;

Admins are able to change and add any rule at any time. All changes will be announced here. We
are also open for suggestions. Contact us: [email protected]