From October we change rules and prices. We have a lot of tipsters with very low quaility and without any sense picks and just chase for prices.
We decided to reduce price pool and change some rules.

1st place: 50 EUR
2nd place: 40 EUR
3rd place: 30 EUR
4th place: 20 EUR
5th place: 10 EUR

This price poll will be active from this month(September)

We keep right to suspend tipster in anytime if we see low quality analysis and picks.
If you make mistake with posting picks, sending correction to admins aren’t allowed anymore. Picks with mistakes will be deleted.
Please check twice before posting, double picks with correction will be also deleted.

New tipsters needs to pass quality test with 3 analysis before entering in contest.

We will reward tipsters who posting quality analysis although they did not enter the monthly prize pool.

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ognjen89 Is this also for month of September?
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07.2017. 1-0-0 4 5.2 230% Show all

December contest winners:

1st place: Kapetan- Wwin prize: 50 EUR
2nd place: enrique - Wwin prize: 40 EUR
3rd place: Jasko Fijasko - Wwin prize: 30 EUR

Please note that all winners need to have real money account at and deposit in last month in order to be able receive bonus.

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