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All picks (W-D-L): 45-3-43, Active: 0
Average stake: 9.46 Units
Profit: -64.47 Units
Percentage: 51.14%
ROI: 92.24%
Average odds: 2.04
Month Picks Stakes Profit ROI
11.2019. 0-0-3 30 -30 0% Show all
10.2019. 2-0-6 80 -39.5 50.63% Show all
09.2019. 1-0-3 40 -25 37.5% Show all
08.2019. 13-1-9 223 8.45 103.97% Show all
07.2019. 19-2-15 332 -5.16 98.35% Show all
06.2019. 10-0-7 156 26.74 117.14% Show all

I wrote a prediction for match Lajovic - Caruso. My bet went on Lajovic. Caruso retired but first set was finished. This should be a winning bet according to rules on site 1xbet. https://1xult.worl d/sr/information/rules/9/

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ognjen89 Yes you are right.
quaresma86 Well its same for all you must be real and say its much easier for admins like that because u must go to every site and check rules because all of them have different rules... This is just competition,not real life betting...
ognjen89 Ok. I just want to say that maybe the admins should think about changing the rule. My bet was winning one in real life on 1xbet site, because the 1st set was played.
quaresma86 There is same rule here for any bookmaker when player retire no matter which one u choose,only thing is when u play over/under first set or total match ,if first set is finished and u played over under then its not void,if u play over or under total and match had enough games ,again not void.It was always like that